About Symphony

Opened in 1991, Symphony is something of a heritage at Kemps corner.

Opened in 1991, Symphony has seen the city grow; its culture and buildings change and evolve. But like its food and music, Symphony continues to win the hearts of all who dine here.

From Indian and Chinese, to Continental food, our chefs go to great lengths to ensure that they cater to the smallest detail in order to create the perfect dish that will awaken your senses and tantalize your taste buds. With over two decades of experience, a delicious reputation for food and a commendable taste in music, we welcome you to a restaurant that rhymes food and music to orchestrate a memorable evening for its diners.

Our Philosophy

Symphony is about food and music, both of which are enjoyed from a deep, emotional place. Every joy is celebrated with food and music, and every sorrow drowned with it.

Our restaurant and team conjure up our best efforts, our skilled chefs and our courteous staff to ensure that every celebration at Symphony is saturated with excellent food and great music; a combination, which we believe, is potent enough to intoxicate you and ensure a beautiful, melodic evening at symphony.

Our Management

Mr. Biharilal Gupta

Mr.Gupta, a true hotelier, icon and mentor for many. Started his journey from dust and converted to gold. The years of experience and challenges has no doubt developed him to be a veteran and a successful restaurateur. Mr Gupta has been closely associated with the industry since three decades. Working from scratch to reach the apex has been a struggle which was seen as a unachievable task but has been successfully accomplished.

Mr.Gupta has many portfolio handled himself still at this age  which include finance, purchase and guest interaction. Many young entrepreneurs have  considered him as a charisma and look forward to interact with him to seek his valuable inputs. He has been able to handle diversified business apart from hospitality into retail, stocks and logistics. He is known for his fantastic rapport with all stakeholders whether it is guest, employee, vendors or government officials.

Mr. Sunil Gupta

Sunil a successful hotelier, entrepreneur  and expert in his domain, holds a qualified hotel management degree from reputed institute in Mumbai. He has been associated with almost 18 years to the unit and  has brought rich and varied innovation and changes to the restaurant. Sunil brings a rich career experience spanning long time over time in Hospitality and actually worked in top five star brands in Mumbai.

Exceptional  interpersonal skills,team building attributes with an aptitude for building rapport with diverse range of customers, managers and colleagues has always rewarded him and consequently towards success and fame of  Symphony.

Hospitality and hoteliering being breeding in the blood due to family presence in the field has added up to kindle growth and advocate change. He has been attached to the restaurant in every event whether it is corporate or social.  Not only known for his social skills he has eye for detail and master of figures which always is an advantage.

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