Your very own personal space for all occasions.

The banquet at Symphony is ideal for gathering of up to 30 people, for social as well as corporate events. For lunches we can include the restaurant area to accomodate up to 70 covers.

Why Symphony

We have been a trusted restaurant where it comes to quality and timely service, not to mention our amazingly diverse and affordable menu. We bring to the table over two decades of experience, a delicious reputation for food and a commendable taste in music and entertainment.

The Space

Symphony’s banquet hall is a cosy, well lit and elegant space. It features a dramatic fall ceiling, cherry lights and ample amount of floor room for all your guests. A bar area sits in the corner and may be used for any occasion. The seating arrangement is can be customized according to your space requirement and preference. . Large speakers offer surround sound which lets you and your guests enjoy a comfortable and musical evening at a very affordable price.

The Decore

Symphony offers to customize the décor according to your taste and the occasion. Our usual arrangement maximizes space and is well lit to allow your guests to feel at ease. Our music is also carefully chosen to match your occasion and preference.

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