Corporate Catering

With an experience of over 2 decades in corporate catering, we can cater to every hospitality required for corporates

We offer businesses flexible event space and cater to all kinds of celebrations. We also offer corporate canteen set ups and lunch box services.

Why Symphony

Our accommodating and professionally trained staff will walk you through your event planning needs, from specialized catering menus to a personalized décor, we ensure all your events are a success. Our canteens offer the most delicious food for you and your staff. We guarantee that the food you eat is flavoursome, fresh and well cooked.

Our Service

Symphony offer customized packages at affordable rates for all occasions. Our staff is well trained and always impeccably dressed. Our service is extremely quick and we ensure there is no hiccup to the flow of your event, or delay in any of our services.


We bring with us over two decades worth of experience, a reputation for excellent food, smooth service and an affordable price. Whether you’d like us to be a part of your corporate event, or set up a canteen, or simply deliver food, we promise to put in our best effort and make sure that your experience with us is a memorable one.

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