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Food made with so much love, it’ll leave you licking your fingertips.

Symphony makes its food only with the choicest of ingredients and fresh produce. It tries to buy vegetables and poultry from as close to the source as possible. For that purpose, the founders of Symphony have, for years now, established a network of specific sellers who are the middlemen between Symphony and the farms from which the produce comes. These sources have been evaluated by Symphony as farms that use the finest, cleanest and most humane methods of both, growing vegetables and rearing poultry. When it comes to cooking, Symphony’s chefs have so many secret recipes and techniques up their sleeves that it makes the experience of eating here magical. The food that is made in this kitchen is created, rather than cooked with a lot of care and eye to detail. The amount of preparation that goes into creating even the most basic dishes is what makes Symphony stand apart. The passion and energy they put into creating food, makes the experience of eating here linger on in your memory.

   Creatives by 'And Then Now'